What is Jihad?

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What is Jihad?

Jihad is a term used by Muslims to mean some form of struggle or religious
duty. In its literal sense, this term pertains to some form of effort or labor
as a means of protecting one’s rights. Many believe that the term “jihad”
was first connected with military effort. But eventually this term was also
applied to social and or moral struggles of the Muslim community. A struggle
to keep families protected and respected in communities is considered a
form of jihad. For Non-Muslims, many refer to jihad as a form of holy war
but many Islam believers do not agree with this concept.

Based on Islam’s holy book called the Qur’an, jihad involves some form of a
check and balance system wherein the rights of people may be checked by
others. This simply refers to the social application of the term and emphasis
is put on a Muslim’s right to protect himself or his/her family when their rights are violated. Contrary to people’s perceptions that jihad is some form of
hostility and/or aggression towards other people, Islam aims to promote
peace and does not allow its followers to do bad things and violate the rights
of other people. Based on the Muslims’ religious beliefs, it is not even a good
thing to do to abuse other living things like plants and animals. This concept
in jihad is the only thing that many Muslims would like to teach the world in
order for the injustices and persecution to stop. By promoting a message of
peace towards other peace-loving citizens, Muslims in the world aim to be
able to have basically the same rights as everybody else.

Aside from the social application of jihad, this term may also be applied to a
personal or inward struggle for peace and righteousness. In this sense, each
Muslim is said to have inner struggles on what is supposed to be right or
wrong. The person involved should also make an effort to bring out the
goodness in him/her instead of the bad qualities in order to live harmoniously
and peacefully with other people.

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