What is Jelqing?

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Jelqing is a term used to refer to the exercise taken with the aim of increasing the size of a penis naturally. The jelqing process starts with stimulating the flow of blood in a penis using a warm rag and the penis wanged in a semi-erect form. With lubricated hands, the index and thumb fingers are positioned in such a way that they firmly grip the base of the penis. One hand slides to the head while the other grips on the base firmly. The sliding hand released once it reaches the head and returned to the base. This motion is repeated as one hand grips the base and the other slides to the penis head. The purpose of this motion is to stimulate blood to flow into the cellular walls of a penis. When done consistently for 30 or more minutes each day, three to five days per week, this exercise can lead to increase of penis length by two or more inches over a period of six months to one year. There are situations where this exercise fails to achieve desired results. The reason for failure is mostly due to inconsistent effort.

How to get better results form Jelqing

Good preparation is important prior to starting jelqing exercises. As one starts the process, eating healthy is necessary for great results. Avoid junk foods and other fast foods as those contain high fat and calorie levels which reduce blood flow. It is advisable to take regular exercises as these improve the rate of heart beat and increase blood flow. It is also important to stay away from smoking as it reduces blood flow. Avoid alcoholic drinks because these interfere with the normal body cycle and can cause kidney damage. It is also important to keep off any unnecessary medication such as Viagra as these contain harmful elements that can cause long-term negative effects.

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