What is Jaywalking?

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What is Jaywalking?
Perhaps, from the different crimes and offenses against the law, the most common is jaywalking. Aside from the fact that it is very easy to explain, anyone can definitely commit the said crime. Many people have already been charge of jaywalking and have suffered different consequences.

Well, when you are wondering why it is termed as such, the truth is that it came from the words ‘jay’ and ‘walk’. Jay refers to an inexperienced person. Thus, someone who is caught for jaywalking is usually those who are not aware of the traffic rules and all.

There can be many forms of jaywalking. Yet, the most common one is crossing on the wrong way (or the one without the pedestrian). Another one would be crossing even if the red light is on. There are also those who force themselves to walk despite the fact that vehicles are not done passing the road yet.

Jaywalking really occurs in different scenarios and in different conditions. There are also different laws applicable to jaywalking across the globe. Though there is not really a serious punishment for this offense, but some other countries tend to be very strict on it.

There are those who will be asked to attend a seminar on jaywalking. There are also those who will be fined a few dollars. Some would even be jailed for a few hours. The most common one would have to be doing community service.

Yes, jaywalking might seem to be a very light case. However, everything starts from here. If people can actually learn how to follow simple traffic rules, then more or less they can follow even bigger rules. If not, then more or less, you can expect bigger crimes to be done without second thoughts. This offense has been in existence since traffic rules were made. Yet, the key to avoiding it is as simple as discipline.


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