What is Java?

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages available today. Its creation followed a design similar to that of the C++ programming language but with several fundamental differences with the main one being that Java is much simpler to use as compared to C++ and other programming languages. The language was created in 1995 by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems, and was initially meant for mobile phones. Over the years it has experienced significant developments and upgrades that have led to enhanced performance, security and stability of the java applications that run on your computer or mobile device.

Java allows programmers to write their computer commands in English as opposed to the numeric codes that are required when writing programs using other programming languages. This makes it much easier to learn and use and is one of the main reasons why Java is so popular. A programming language that is easy to read and write is known as high level language. There are rules that are followed in writing commands using Java and they are known as syntax. Once the commands are written they have to be converted into numeric codes which are the language that the computers understand and through which it can be able to communicate in.

Beyond the simplicity of use, there are several other reasons as to why Java is a popular programming language. A very important reason which many programmers consider is that Java is one of the most secure programming languages available today. From inception, security was a great concern since it was initially meant for mobile phones and these are devices that exchange data over networks which expose them to higher risk and they thus require high levels of security. The security level has not reduced and has in fact been greatly increased with consequent upgrades. Another great feature is that Java works with any kind of computer or device as well as any operating system. This feature means that you do not need to develop an application using several languages that are compatible with the various operating systems and devices. By using Java to write a program you are sure that it will be compatible with any machine and operating system.

For some computer owners, there are many websites and applications that you cannot access if you do not have Java software downloaded on to your computer or device. This is depends on the operating system in use since some of OS are available with Java already deployed. The download software is known as the Java Runtime Environment and consists of the Java Virtual Machine, Java Platform libraries as well as Java platform core classes. These components of the Java software are what enable those using applications written in Java to access and use the applications.

For programmers who wish to write programs in Java, you simply need to download and install the Java development kit which allows you to commence writing programs as well as run the applications that you develop.

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