What is Italian Seasoning?

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Italian Seasoning


What to do if you are really in a mood of having something Italian in your dinner and want to have it mixed with the original dish as well? Italian seasoning is there, and this article is going to help you in making a good Italian seasoning for your dishes. Italian seasoning is basically an herbal combination of aromatic herbs which includes oregano, thyme and basil. These herbs give an Italian texture to your dishes and a nice herbal aroma as well. The main concept behind the usage of Italian seasoning is to give some fresh flavors of pizza, pasta, and other Italian dishes in your own native food, just to enhance the flavor.


Italian seasoning can be easily prepared at home as well as it is widely available in the packaged form, and in this regard, America is known to be the innovator of producing pre packaged Italian seasoning. From its popularity and successful use, it also became popular in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. The interesting thing about Italian seasoning is that it is impossible to find this seasoning flavor in Italian markets. Italian seasoning has no universal recipe; rather it is just a mixture of some basic herbs that are considered important by the experts to get an Italian texture in your food. There are many exciting pasta recipes that ask to use Italian seasoning in order to give your pasta some different and Italian aroma. Many expert cooks use this seasoning on the pizza topping by just sprinkling it all over the pizza. In many restaurants, Italian seasoning is widely served with several other dishes including zucchini, eggplant and roasted potatoes. The usage of Italian seasoning is so vast that it can even be used in baking. An excellent coating can be formed just by mixing the seasoning with olive oil to get an excellent batter for baking.