What is Ireland Known For?

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Ireland Known For

Ireland is an island located west of the United Kingdom in the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is separated from the UK by the Irish Sea, St. George’s Channel and the North Channel. Ireland is the largest and major island in the British Isles archipelago. Among the islands in Europe, it is the third in size and the 2oth largest island in the world. Ireland’s political units are Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and a section of the United Kingdom which is situated on the north-east side of island and occupies the remaining part. Ireland has a total population of around 6.4 million people. An estimated 4.6 million people reside in the Republic of Ireland with more than 1.8 million people living in Northern Ireland. The geography of this island comprises low mountains that surround the central plain. There are a number of maneuverable rivers flowing through the island. Lush vegetation is common on the island due to its mild but dynamic oceanic climate that prevents excessive temperatures. Before mid-ages, the island was covered by thick woodlands. By 2013, 11% of Ireland was under wood cover compared to Europe’s 35%.

What Ireland is Famous For

Ireland is famous for its food and tourist sites. For instance, the Dublin Zoo is a major tourist site that was founded in 1814 and is Ireland’s biggest Zoo. The Guinness Storehouse located in Dublin at the St. James Gate Brewery produces ingredients of the Guinness bear which are barley, water, yeast and hops. The storehouse is famous because of Arthur Guinness, its founder. Another tourist attraction that makes Ireland famous is the National Aquatic Center, a water sport facility located near the Blanchardstown village in Dublin. Ireland is also home to Cliffs of Moher, breathtaking sceneries of Ireland’s coastlines on the west,

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