What is iOS?

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iOS refers to the mobile operating system developed for Apple Inc. products like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. The iOS basically provides the basic platform for mobile features to work and function efficiently in an Apple mobile device. Without the iOS, a person wouldn’t be able to call using his/her iPhone. Playing games on an iPad and listening to music on an iPod Touch would also be not possible if iOS is not installed in the corresponding mobile device. Apple’s iOS basically provides functionality to its mobile devices.

Mac OS X is the precursor to the iOS mobile operating system of Apple Inc. Mac OS X was designed as the operating system for Apple’s desktop computers or the so-called Mac computers. With technology moving forward, more and more people wanted more functionality with their generic mobile phones and devices. With this need, the iPhone was born in 2007 and with its release was also the first version of iOS. By around this time, the generic mobile phone paved the way for the so-called smart phone. Apple’s contender for this market was the iPhone which was installed with iOS. Through iOS, the iPhone was able to handle phone calls and text messages. This modern device also featured a platform for various applications and games which run because of iOS.

The original iOS designed for the iPhone was eventually expanded for use by Apple’s other mobile devices like the iPad and iPod Touch. The iOS on iPad basically helps people to have desktop features in a tablet-size computer with a touch screen. Various applications and games can run on an iPad because of iOS. In the case of the iPod Touch, music files will be enjoyed through iOS. Downloading and sharing of songs across multiple Apple devices can also be done on the iPod Touch and these features are all supported by iOS.