What is IKR?

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What is IKR?
IKR stands for “I Know, Right” and it refers to a slang expression used by many people when agreeing to something or to a statement previously mentioned by another person. In today’s technology-savvy society, many words and phrases are coined each day especially by the younger people who frequently indulge themselves with chatting on the internet, posting on blogs and social networking sites, and texting to friends via mobile phones and other mobile internet devices. With the increased usage and popularity of these electronic socializing methods, many new terms and phrases are invented each day. One such example is using acronyms or shortcut versions of words and phrases to communicate with other people.

IKR is loosely used on the internet and on mobile phone texting when one is in agreement with another person. Like when one person expresses that the movie that they have watched is a great and fun movie to watch, then the other person could imply his/her agreement to the statement by stating “IKR, the movie is really good.” Instead of just saying “yes” or “yeah” to signify an agreement to the previous statement, the use of the urban internet slang “IKR” may be used instead.

Other than its obvious purpose of implying that one is in agreement with another person, using internet slang phrases or terms such as IKR is also a somewhat social tool used by young people. Using shortened words and phrases may mean practicality for some people especially in mobile phone text messages, but for some people it may mean more than that. Others want to feel relevant, cool, and “up-to-date” with recent trends and so these people tend to use words and phrases like “IKR” to let other people know that they are part of what’s “in” and what’s “hot” or accepted in the modern world.

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