What is igfxpers.exe?

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Igfxpers.exe is an executable file that is part of the Graphics Media Accelerator Driver of the Windows environment. Its official process name is Intel Graphics Persistence Module and comes pre-installed with Intel and nVidia graphics cards. The basic function of igfxpers.exe is to restore the display settings of the computer monitor after it has been shut off or disconnected from the main CPU. In some cases, the display settings of the computer’s monitor will change when it become disconnected. With igfxpers.exe running in the background, the stored display settings will be maintained and/or restored.

Installing the Intel video card for example will automatically trigger the installation of the Intel Graphics Persistence Module through igfxpers.exe. This file basically supports the video card in terms of the monitor’s display settings. When this particular file is disabled, the display settings may change once the monitor is turned off or disconnected. This is especially true for some mobile devices such as notebooks and laptops. Whenever a display projector is used for example, the display settings of the monitor will sometimes automatically adjust and be altered. If igfxpers.exe is running, the display settings will be restored to the original setup.

The problem with igfxpers.exe is that sometimes it may eat up precious RAM or computer memory. When this happens, other essential or important applications may be compromised. Igfxpers.exe is considered a non-essential application and users may actually disable it or shut it off. Some computers running latest versions of Windows like Windows 7 to Windows 8 for example have display settings that are not dependent with Intel’s Graphic Persistence Module. Being an executable file, there is also a high chance that igfxpers.exe can be infected with malware. For these concerns, many people are commonly advised to disable this non-essential process from their computers. For persistent errors concerning this file, some are even advised to have it removed or deleted to protect the data in their computers.

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