What is idle no more?

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Idle no more is a movement in Canada that seeks to give honor indigenous people in Canada as well as to protect water and Land. The movement started in December 2012.

The Idle no more movement started as a protest against the omnibus budget bill or the C-45. The movement is particularly interested in the changes of the Navigation Protection Act, Indian Act and the Environment Assessment Act.

More about Idle no more movement

Idle no more as an organization was given prominence by the hunger strike of Theresa Spence. Spence is the chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation found in the northern part of Ontario. Spence announced that she would go on a hunger strike during the National Day of Action. The hunger strike started a day after and lasted for 43 days.

This action of Spencer sparked media attention to the cause of the movement and Spencer became the Icon for the movement.

Spencer in 2011 called for a state of emergency due to the housing crisis happening in Attawapiskat. The community also experienced poor living conditions.

Idle no more has major objections to certain acts in the omnibus bill.

For example, it is against the changes that the First Nations communities are allowed to lease the allotted reserve lands by obtaining a majority of the votes of those who are present in the meeting. This is different from what is stipulated in the past wherein there should be a consensus of the majority of the electorate.

Idle no more as a movement is against such moves since it says that it allows others to have easy access to territory and land that should be protected in the first place.

The group is also against new provisions under the Navigation Protection act particularly the part about the elimination of proof that the projects of major power and pipe lines will not damage waterways.

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