What is Iberian?

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Iberian are the prehistoric settlers of the southern and eastern of Spain and they called themselves as “Ibero”. This people gave their name to the whole peninsula. In the year of 8th to 6th B.C there was a large wave of migrants called Celtics and they decided to settle in northern and central Spain. Also, Spain is penetrated by Galacia and Portugal but the Iberian people of the south and east were left intact indigenous in their Bronze Age. Greek geographers gave the name Iberian connected with the river named “Ebro” or “Iberus”, these are the tribes that resides on the southeastern coast of the river. In the mid of 5th century B.C, a Greek historian named Herodotus applied this name to all the people living between the Ebro and Huelva rivers whose culture is distinctive from northern and western part of the river. However, some territories overlaps between the Celtics and Iberian people. Also, along the northeastern central Meseta and in Catalonia and Aragon are the Celtiberian tribes.

Among the Iberian tribes, the Bastetani are the most territorial and they occupied Almeria region and the mountains of Granada region. The tribes located in the west of the Bestani are called “Tartessian” after the name of Tartessos, a name given by the Greeks to its region.

The Turdetani living in the Guadalquivir river valley are the most powerful of all. The tribes in the northeast and of the Valencian coast are greatly influenced by the Greeks settlements located at Emporion and in the region of Alicante.

Iberian language is also classified as a non-Indo-European tongue and it is continually spoken in the early Roman times. In the east coast, an Iberian script was written. It is a system of 28 syllabic and alphabetic characters, some of these scripts were derived from Greek and Phoenician systems and most of these and their origin is unknown.

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