What is hypnotherapy?

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Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis in helping patients with a variety of conditions. During hypnotherapy, patients are brought to a trance-like state with their permission. At this state, patients are said to be at a heightened level of consciousness wherein they are considered more aware of their own thoughts, views, perceptions, and emotions. Regular psychotherapy sessions only involved discussions or talks between patients and psychotherapist or with other patients as well. In these regular sessions, not all details may be discussed regarding a particular situation because of consciousness or self-limitations. Hypnotherapy sessions meanwhile result to emotional or mental barriers to be brought down with patients being more open and receptive. Patients often feel more relaxed after these sessions and become less anxious and stressed out with this particular technique. Some patients also become more willing to talk about their problems when under hypnosis by their therapists. These psychotherapy sessions are done in order to promote health for patients and healing of various conditions.

People with depression and anxiety disorder s are considered to be more receptive to hypnotherapy compared to regular psychotherapy sessions. When people reach a state of hypnosis, many of their own fears and concerns will be openly discussed with their therapists. Patients are considered less inhibited during hypnotherapy and healing is expected because of their overall responsiveness to the hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy is also considered effective for patients who are experiencing weight-control issues like those who are diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Those who are obese and want to lose weight may also benefit from hypnotherapy sessions. There are also several cases wherein hypnotherapy is advised to help patients deal with chronic pain associated with other medical conditions such as arthritis. Some patients may also undergo hypnotherapy to help them deal with the stress of an upcoming medical or dental procedure or before childbirth.


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