What is Hooters?

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Hooters is a popular American restaurant chain that opened its first branch in Clearwater, Florida back in 9183. The “Hooters” name is said to have a double meaning with one being the unique owl sound called “hooting”. The other meaning of “hooters” pertains to its slang reference to human breasts. This particular meaning is what makes Hooters a popular chain across the US and in many other countries around the world. This particular restaurant is popular for their so-called Hooter girls or waitresses that typically have voluptuous physiques and the expected big breasts. These waitresses also wear skimpy and revealing outfits that cater to a largely male clientele. This female sexual theme has made Hooters a very recognizable brand in the restaurant industry. The Hooters restaurant ambience originally started with an outdoor and beach theme. As the years passed, the restaurant has also become a popular sports-themed restaurant with large TV screens showing a variety of sports programs. This restaurant concept also widened the restaurant’s customer base from a predominantly male crowd.

In terms of menu, Hooters is famous for its American food offerings like burgers, steaks, and sandwiches. Chicken wings are considered the restaurant’s very own specialty. Aside from the delectable menu and the sexy Hooter girls, many customers have also raved about the overall service in the restaurant. So-called Hooter girls are not only required to be pleasing and sexy but also provide excellent service in terms of their attentiveness and personality. The Hooters restaurant has also become so popular that more than 400 stores are already opened in the US alone and there are also several others in at least 24 different countries across the globe including Australia, Canada, Germany, Philippines, the UK and Japan among many others. Hooters restaurants also offers various souvenir or branding items for sale like shirts and mugs.

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