What is HOH relationship?

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HOH relationships refer to relationships between couples in which one is officially designed as the HOH or the head of household.  This kind of relationship can be applied for married couples especially those with children.  When one is tasked to become the head of the household, the other partner will then take the supporting role.  Some couples do not necessarily label their relationships as having a HOH structure while others try to balance out important tasks and decision-making.  When couples choose to follow the HOH structure, the designated HOH is typically given the authority or the final word in important matters and concerns in a particular household.

HOH relationships do not necessarily work for all couples especially when there are children around.  For the most part, some kind of balance must be achieved between the father and the mother in terms of managing time, chores, expenses, and the kids if there are any.  Many households automatically appoint the father as the head of the household with the mother playing the supporting role.  With HOH relationships, both the father and mother should understand each other’s contributions in the relationship.  The mother may share some of the leadership roles with the father while he is away for example, but may eventually yield to his final word when necessary.  This setup will work if both the father and mother know their duties and tasks and respect each other’s roles in the relationship.

HOH relationships are often part of common domestic discipline guidelines.  A particular household will need some kind of leader especially with children around.  In terms of family rules and guidelines, consistency is very important and this is where HOH relationships should work.  Establishing a set of rules and appointing a partner to set the last word makes it easier for children to understand and follow certain rules in the house.


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