What is HMU?

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What is HMU?
HMU is a popular internet slang meaning “Hit Me Up”. It may mean quite a lot of things depending on the situation a person is in. But usually it refers to some sort of request for further or continued communication. Like when a person receives a text message with HMU on it, it may mean that the other party would like you to follow-through on things discussed. Or it could also mean that the message sender would want that you contact him/her on a particular issue you were discussing. HMU is also widely used in chatrooms, where its meaning is basically the same with text messages over mobile phones. By means of HMU on the chat thread, one can tell or remind other people to make a phone call or write an email after the chat.

HMU is also popular on other internet social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and it may also be used with other words like the phrase “HMU later”. This simply means that a person is expected to communicate via any means at a “later” time. Like if an online chat ended with the phrase “HMU later”, the recipient is asked to perhaps make a call or send a text message to the sender later in the day.

HMU is hugely used on many internet sites. Many of the internet-savvy and social networking freaks post HMU-related topics. In the Facebook setup, HMU means that the person who made the post is “ready” to meet up with his/her friends. HMU as a phrase on Facebook’s status and comment fields became widely popular in 2010. Based on statistics, HMU-posts were numerous especially during the summer months where students have all the time to “meet” with other people.

Statistics (Facebook Memology) say that in Facebook alone, HMU averaged 20 daily posts in 2009. This figure surged in 2010 to 80,000 daily posts by the end of summer. Globally, HMU ranks no. 1 in Facebook’s Top Status Trends for the year 2010.

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