What is HG?

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HG stands for hyperemesis gravidarum which is a medical condition suffered by those who are pregnant. Those who are suffering from HG suffer from weight loss, vomiting, extreme nausea and even disturbance in their electrolytes.

Those who are experiencing mild HG undergo changes in their diet as well as prescribed to take some rest and take antacids. Those who suffer severe HG are often confined in the hospital and provided additional fluid and nutrition fed through by an intravenous line or IV.

Those who are displaying symptoms of HG must consult a doctor rather than take any medications without the order of doctors.

HG explained

It is common among pregnant women to suffer from morning sickness. Research indicates that around 70 to 80 percent of pregnant women go through the usual morning sickness. Recent research reveals that there are roughly 60,000 cases of HG or severe morning sickness. This number, however, could be higher given that there are some patients who do not report or seek medical attention for this condition or they receive treatment from outpatient care.

In most cases, the extreme nausea experienced by pregnant women is due to an increase in their hormone level. But the cause for HG or extreme nausea remains unknown up to now.

The symptoms of this medical condition surface when a woman is four to six weeks pregnant. The symptoms may reach their peak when the pregnant lady is already in the ninth to 13th week of pregnancy. The symptoms often fade in the 14th to 20th week of pregnancy.

Some 20 percent of pregnant women suffering from HG may require bed rest for the entire duration of their pregnancy. And it seems that the prevention of this disease remains unknown despite research about this medical condition.

Doctors who treat patients with HG teach the patients various ways to manage this condition.

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