What is Hey Jude About?

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Hey Jude

Hey Jude is an emotional song of the vintage rock band Beatles. The song was originally written by Paul McCartney as a comforting masterpiece for Julian during his parent’s divorce. From the original “Hey Jules” ballad of McCartney, Hey Jude was first released by Beatles in August 1968. It begins verse-bridge featuring McCartney’s vocal and piano accompaniment. The song is inspired with a harmony of further instrumentation until the fourth verse. At the near end, the song shifts to fade-out coda leaving every listener a mixture of happy and sad melody.

Hey Jude was the first longest single to top the British and US song chart in nine weeks. All in all, the song is more than seven minutes long with approximately eight million copies sold. At present it is hailed as one of the greatest songs of all time. At present, Hey Jude may be heard through the internet while original CDs can still be bought at stores. In 2013, it topped as the 10th biggest song of all time in the Billboard Magazine.

Hey Jude was one of the sentimental songs ever written in history. Its lyrics were basically inspired by the story of John Lennon and his wife, who separated because of John’s secret affair with Yoko Ono. Upon hearing the news, McCartney drove his way to visit the couple’s son Julian. The song’s original title was “Hey Jules,” referring to Jules but was later on changed to “Hey Jude.”
During its early promotional release, Hey Jude has also experienced some fallbacks. When McCartney visited the Apple Boutique to paint its window with the posted of Hey Jude Revolution, it was unfortunately mistaken as an anti-Semitic graffito. The song has also been a subject of controversies and critics. Nevertheless, as time went by when people have finally internalized its lyrics, Hey Jude was already at the top of the popular song list.

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