What is HDMI cable?

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HDMI cable


A High Definition Multimedia Interface more commonly known as a HDMI cable is an audio video interface used to transfer uncompressed data through to another medium. In more simple terms, this cable is used to transfer huge amounts of information in the form of data from a player or a medium to a final device which can be anything connected to the other end of the cable. It takes on the role of the connector, being the path which the information travels on. Used very commonly, it is one the basic components needed whenever a TV or a DVD player is involved. The most important news regarding this cable is that it is compatible with transferring HD quality videos and that it is revolutionary.


Most people don’t realize how important this cable actually is. When they pay for a DVD or a CD player, they are only interested in the device that would be able to decode the disc but what they completely forget is the cable that actually allows them to see the contents of the disc. On its own, it cant be used for much except as a piece of wire but all the modern technologies that involve video viewing like Xbox, play stations and the latest blu ray devices all require this wire. One of the main reasons this wire has modernized the era is because its previous version was a group of 11 wires that would be used to connect the devices together. And 11 in 1 is a very good idea for an innovation.

This innovation came about in 2003 in Europe. And since that day, over 3 billion HDMI devices have been sold. Just used for the HD transferring in the first few models, now has upgraded versions that can also connect 3D and Ethernet. The founders were a bunch of people from 7 different companies which have the likes of Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and others. All in all, one of those innovations that have made a huge difference in video viewing.

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