What is HCI?

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HCI stands for human-computer interaction which is a study that focuses on the interaction between people and computers. HCI also tries to measure the success of the development as well as non-development of some computers and computer programs.

There are quite a number of big firms and schools that embark on HCI. There was a time when computer developers or system developers did not pay or give attention on the ease of use of the computers and their programs.

There are many computer users who claim that computer system developers remain inattentive to their needs. And in response, there are some computer developers who say that computers are largely complicated devices and that it is fairly difficult to design systems on the sole basis of ease-of use.

HCI explained

There are different ways of studying the interaction between a human being and a computer. In HCI, one has to consider the various concepts and models about the interaction between the two. For example, there are people who are right-brained or left brained.

Ethnic or cultural background also comes into play when dealing with the interaction between a computer and an individual as backgrounds may alter the usage as well as attitudes towards computers.
One must also keep in mind that technology changes swiftly and as such this can affect how HCI is studied. The development of more advanced technologies may render previous researches or studies as obsolete or inapplicable.

HCI is wide range of discipline and as such, those who are engaged in HCI must also dabble in different sciences and social sciences. Designing application and engineering of computers are studies under computer science. But the study of HCI also requires knowledge of other social sciences like anthropology or sociology. Psychology or the study of human behavior is also a major component of HCI.

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