What is HCA extract?

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HCA extract is the extract used to produce gacinia cambogia, a supplement which helps in promoting weight loss. HCA stands for hydroxy citric acid.

HCA extract helps a person to lose weight by increasing the serotonin levels which in turns suppresses the appetite. Low levels of serotonin can cause feeling of depression and anxiety that could affect the way people eat. Increasing the level of serotonin helps improve the mood and lessens the need for individuals to eat more.

HCA also inhibits the citrate lyase, a key enzyme in the body that helps convert fat from carbohydrates. HCA can help in lowering the LDL or also known as the bad cholesterol.

Can HCA be taken by all?

The HCA plants and fruits have been eaten safely by many individuals for many years. But the intake of HCA may be disadvantageous in some cases.

For example, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking HCA supplement. Likewise, persons who are suffering from diabetes who are taking insulin or glyburide should consult a doctor first before taking HCA supplements since it can result in the drop of blood sugar.

Patients who are taking statin must also seek medical advice as HCA can promote increased side effects like muscle degradation.

HCA is a dietary supplement and as such the Food and Drugs Authority or FDA have no evaluations on the safety or effectiveness of this supplement.

Most people ask whether HCA extract is an effective supplement to lose weight. But those who intend to take this supplement should take note that consumption of HCA extract alone will not result in weight loss. Weight loss initiatives should be coupled with right diet and exercise.

There is however some research that said that a person who takes HCA extract and combines it with diet and exercise can lose at least four pounds per month.

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