What is Hautue Couture?

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Hautue Couture


Fashion differs as we move from one country to another. Its importance, taste, trend and worth vary with respect to the region. Hautue Couture is a particular term that is used for high class fashion; this term was introduced in French as the French fashion is considered to be the highest class. The dresses for this category are made with perfection keeping the measurements and body stance of the client in mind.


Hautue couture designs are exclusive and the target market for this entity is mostly high class of the society. The cost of a couture accessory depends upon the design house it is from and the garment itself. Usually, the price ranges from £10,000 to £40,000 just for a simple blouse, but the figure might go beyond from this depending upon the elegance of the design of the garment. Hautue couture provides perfection and a classy fit to the customer, and hautue couture achieve this perfection by unique methods of cutting, mostly painstaking method is used. A single piece of garment takes around 100 to 150 hours of manual labor. The time varies with the type of garment produced. It takes up to 1000 hours for the production of an elegant stylish evening dress. The famous hautue couture outlet includes Chanel which has 150 clients that regularly visit the store and buy couture, whereas another outlet Dior has achieved excellence in producing 20 couture bridal gowns in a year. Not every designer outlet can manage to produce hautue couture, because it requires a lot of perfection and style in the production method.
Hautue couture garments are made from fabrics that are luxurious, and the fabric type includes fine wool, expensive silk, skins, furs, leather, cottons, cashmeres and linens. Other than garments, hautue couture designs are also found in jewelry, beads, hats, trimmings and shoes, which are designed with exclusivity and elegance which provides a satisfaction to the customer.

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