What is Hasawa 1974?

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What is Hasawa 1974?

Hasawa 1974 refers to the “Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974”. This is a legislated Act by the UK Parliament that defines and regulates certain standards and provisions to be followed by employers with regards to the health, safety, and welfare of their employees. This Act provides the basic guidelines for all employers and employees in terms of safety and health standards enforcement within the UK.

Hasawa 1974 is legislated with the hope of giving protection to both employer and employees against possible health and safety risks while performing ones duties and responsibilities. This Act also provides guidelines in the usage and handling of harmful substances and chemicals at the workplace. Specifically, these substances that are considered highly flammable or explosive are limited in terms of acquisition, use, and/or possession. The environment is also taken into consideration with restrictions on possible emissions of hazardous chemicals to the air. Although this particular provision was later removed as part of the Hasawa 1974, many employers and companies in the UK still make a conscious effort to limit their emissions of possibly toxic substances to the atmosphere.

Hasawa 1974 specifically plots the responsibilities of employers and companies in promoting, improving, and maintaining safety and health standards in their respective workplaces. In the area of health standards, guidelines are set on specific items such as proper ventilation in the workplace, enough number and clean toilets for personal necessities, and safe temperatures at given workstations. In terms of safety standards, guidelines and rules are also set in place to protect people from getting injuries while performing their jobs or while handling several equipment and machinery. With all the provisions and guidelines in the act implemented and followed, the overall welfare of a particular employee will be promoted and protected.

Aside from employers and their employees, some other groups of people are covered under the Hasawa 1974. Those who occupy certain workstations and premises are also required to follow the guidelines under this act. Importers and suppliers of goods also have responsibilities and guidelines to follow under the Hasawa 1974. Some provisions of this Act, when not implemented or followed, even constitute a grave violation and/or a criminal offense.

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