What is Ham Radio?

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Ham Radio

Ham Radio, also known as Amateur radio is a type of technology that uses designated radio frequency spectra to assist communication. During emergencies when regular phones and internet are down, the Ham Radio works as transmitter. It sends and delivers messages from people while it also works as a service during system down.

The term “amateur” or “ham” refers to the person operating behind the radio. Hams are not paid but they are persons who have high interest in radio techniques. Unlike commercial broadcasting, hams need not entail education requirements. It may be enough that a person has skills and impressive radio techniques. Most hams would treat ham radio as their hobby.

Hams come in all ages and sexes. As long as they are interested in wireless technologies, they can go along well with each other. They can be doctors, movie stars, missionaries, politicians, students, and even regular people. Although operating the ham radio is not discriminatory, some countries require that hams should get a license. The license requirement can vary by state. It is also covered under International Law and the rules and regulations under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). At present, ham radio is not just an ordinary tool for communication. It is also regarded as an instrument that would carry on an international goodwill, considering that it can advance cross-border communications.

The ham radio basically uses call sign for identification. Every country’s ham radio has an assigned call sign and operators are obliged to use it whenever they go on-air. Some amateurs are allowed to use “vanity” call signs but they have to follow certain rules and regulations. In US ham radios are required to pay a certain fee to be able to use the vanity call sign. During cross-country calls, operators can easily identify the origin of the call using the call sign.

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