What is Hake Fish?

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Hake Fish

The term ‘hake’ implies various members of cod fish family. In most cases, real hake is considered as food with lean parts of cod. All kinds of cod do not fit this category of cooked fish. Typically, this term is used for cod fish found in deep sea only. Just like most saltwater and freshwater types of fish, hake fish may be filleted and cleaned for different kinds of cooking. Seafood may either be fried, baked or battered. It is also used to make stew and soups in other cultures. Hake fish may be served as whole. It is also great for grilling or broiling in oven. It has a light flavor and a pleasant texture that make it very common in most parts of the US and Europe. It freezes very well making it famous among frozen food producers. Many people find white cake ideal for poaching as well as oven and pan frying. Apart from mincing it, fish steaks may also be generated from hake fish and prepared just like salmon.

Health Benefits of Hake Fish

Hake fish is ideal for persons who are conscious of cholesterol levels in most red meats. The fish contains fatty oils that promote the generation of good cholesterol as opposed to read meats that are laden with bad cholesterol. The fish is necessary for ensuring good brain function and cardiovascular health. Hake is readily available in grocery stores due to its popularity and easy cooking. Its fillets stay flash-frozen to maintain its texture and taste. In terms of pricing, hake fish is priced reasonably compared to other kinds of cod. This makes it affordable for many people ensuring that they do not skip fish in their meals due to price. Hake fish has a subtle sweet flavor that makes it ideal for varied recipes.

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