What is guacamole?

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Prepared from avocado, guacamole is a thick dip which is specifically served with delicious tortilla chips. The recipe of guacamole varies with respect to the country and its culture, also on the chef’s expertise who prepares the guacamole. There are hundreds of recipes available in the world for the preparation of guacamole but the most basic and easy recipe contains tomatoes in the chopped style, chilies, lime, onion and mashed avocado. All these ingredients are very perfectly seasoned with pepper, cumin and salt. Guacamole is served in a special utensil known as mocahete, which is a simple household utensil used mostly in Mexico.


Guacamole is healthy as it is prepared from healthy ingredients, but if taken in excess, it might become dangerous for diet. The nutritional value of guacamole depends upon the recipe used to prepare it. It is a very good source for obtaining fiber and per serving provides 3 grams of it. The type of fat that this dip contains is monounsaturated which is a very useful source of avoiding diabetes, eliminating the chances of heart disease and regulate the cholesterol level. It has been observed that guacamole has been one of the biggest reasons of producing food borne illness. This was observed and confirmed by Center for disease control and prevention. The reason behind this affect of guacamole is the improper preservation method of preserving it. It stays safe and can used for long if refrigerated properly. Another important tip that should be kept in mind before preparing guacamole is that while cutting its ingredients, one should be careful that cross contamination from poultry or meat cannot take place. The customers should also check out the packaging properly if you are not preparing it at home. Because many brands that sell guacamole usually use fillers instead of using real avocado, that might become hazardous for the health.