What is GNU?

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GNU is an operating system that works and functions like the UNIX system but is an entirely different platform. The project for the GNU system was started by Richard Stallman back in 1984 when he wanted to create a system similar to UNIX but all software related to this project was free. Anybody can basically get the software and make modifications on it without having to pay for it. GNU literally means “GNU’s Not Unix” owing to the fact that the operating system may be Unix-based but it is entirely different in the sense that the whole GNU Project was aimed at providing computer experts, programmers, and developers with a free platform for various uses.

The Unix platform works by using so-called kernels which contain data including the computer developer’s tools, applications, and file libraries. In GNU, the main kernels include Linux and another one called Hurd. These kernels of packets of data are continually being developed by various developers and experts. The fact that the software is free, many people have already contributed to the GNU project. As stipulated by the so-called “copyleft” licensing of GNU, users may run the software platform for free with no limitations in terms of purpose or function. The source code of GNU is also given for free to all developers across the globe and they can modify it all they want for their specific needs. Distribution of the GNU software platform does not also come with restrictions. Developers may basically share the software and have other modify the source code for various purposes. The only major requirement is that all those who use and modify the GNU software platform must create users manuals for other users. Being free software, using GNU does not necessarily mean that no actual money may actually be made from software creation and/or modification. Securing a GNU license actually allows users to make money from distribution and code modification fees.

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