What is GMP?

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GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and it refers to a requirement for quality control in the manufacture of various goods especially pharmaceutical products. GMP follows specific standards and guidelines as required by authorities and licensing bodies in terms of the proper manufacture of drug and/or pharmaceutical products. The basic goal of implementing GMP is to ensure that all products or drugs manufactured underwent quality control in the various stages it went through before being finally sent out for distribution to consumers. With drug products made with GMP implemented, risks to the consumers are eliminated or prevented.

Part of GMP guidelines includes the strict implementation of product specifications in the manufacturing process of a certain drug. The formulation and substances used are all tested and checked if they pass all necessary requirements from regulating bodies. GMP implementation also ensures that a certain drug is manufactured for its intended use or purpose. The whole manufacturing process should also pass minimum requirements of GMP in terms of controlled environment conditions. Having control in all parts of the process basically prevents cross-contamination f certain drug products and substances which could be unsafe. If there are any changes in any part of the manufacturing process, GMP implementation also dictates that these processes are reviewed in detail to determine the impact on the quality of the whole process and the end-product.

Basic GMP implementation starts with the overall hygiene standards imposed on the manufacturing plant and all employees involved. Good Manufacturing Practice is also implemented along with other standards that promote quality assurance in all aspects of producing drug and pharmaceutical products from making product specifications even up to distribution. Good Documentation Practice, Good Laboratory Practice, and Good Clinical Practice are other standards of practice that are to be implemented as part of quality assurance requirements by various regulating agencies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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