What is GMOD?

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GMOD is the abbreviation used for the game known as Garry’s Mod. This game was named after its designer Garry Newman and is being developed by Facepunch Studios. The original concept for GMOD was created as part of another game called Half-Life 2. The game eventually became a stand-alone program that can run on various platforms including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux. GMOD is classified as a sandbox physics game and it simply means that the game design allows for openness or freedom in the virtual environment. Freedom in the gaming environment basically allows players to choose what they want to do and what to pursue in playing the game.

The best feature of GMOD is that it allows players to freely roam the virtual environment with their own goals and objectives. Props and objects can literally be brought into the game if a player decides to do so. The gaming environment is also dictated by the players themselves without so many restrictions on their game objectives. GMOD also offers various gameplay modes for players who wish to do different things like creating a multi-player environment or assume a certain player role. The popularity of GMOD relies on so-called user-created features and content. Players can choose different game skins and models along with maps for a customized gameplay.

The developers behind GMOD also conduct contests for players to come up with new gaming modes. One such example is the “Fretta” contest back in 2009-2010 wherein players contributed ideas for game modifications and new modes of play. Games such as Trouble in Terrorist Town, Pop Hunt and Dogfight Arcade Assault were among those created by players and fans and got included in GMOD. The GMOD environment also constantly evolves over time with the addition of new features by the developers themselves.

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