What is Glycerin?

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Glycerin is a term used to refer to a sweet, colorless, and thick liquid. Glycerin can freeze form a paste and its boiling point is high. Glycerin is commonly used as an ingredient in soap and beauty products such as lotions. This is due to its ability to soak in ambient water which implies that is has the ability to retain skin moisture. Most manufacturers of soap usually remove glycerin in the process of making soap and use it to make more costly products. Though there are low amounts of glycerin that remain in each bar of soap, more glycerin is added to create extra moisturizing and clear finishing qualities. It also improves the cleaning abilities of soap. In its pure form, glycerin has a chemical compound known as glycerol which implies the presence of alcohol. Though it dissolves into water and alcohol easily, glycerin is not soluble in oils. Glycerin is considered a hygroscopic because it has the ability to absorb water from the air. When placed on a human being’s tongue, it can dehydrate it leading to blisters. Beauty products that contain glycerin help retain skin moisture when used on well moisturized skin.

Other Common Uses of Glycerin

Besides making soaps, lotions and other beauty products, glycerin may be used in numerous other ways including making dynamite. Though glycerin alone is not an explosive, it may be processed into an explosive compound then utilized as an explosive to make dynamite. Glycerin can also be used as an ingredient for making inks and prints. It is ideal for preserving fruits, as well as making lubricants. Glycerin is commonly used as an agent to stop freezing of hydraulic jacks. It contains germ killing qualities which make it useful in the preservation and safe storage of scientific samples.