What is GHD?

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What is GHD?
GHD means Good Hair Day. It is a brand name of hair straightening products. GHD is often referred to ‘having straightened hair’. Products made by GHD have become so popular not only with consumer but also in the fashion industry, professionals and celebrities.

History of Good Hair Day (GHD)
Good Hair Day (GHD) is a company that was founded by a famous hair stylist named, Martin Penny together with some friends named Gary Douglas and Robert Powls. They decided to collaborate with a South Korean inventor to buy the rights of a hair straightening iron that is now known as GHD.

The company started by selling products exclusively to different hair salons. During the first few years, GHD did not engage in any kind of advertising or marketing strategy to sell their hair straightening iron products. Despite the absence of these business strategies, GHD was able to earn £12million. The company grew bigger and earned more as they joined American companies .This made GHD earn a total of £37million in 2004.

In the year 2006, the GHD brand was bought for £55million by a company named as the Lloyds Development Capita. Soon after, GHD was bought again by a company named as the  Montagu Private Equity for £160million.

    1. Advertising and Sponsorship of Good Hair Day (GHD)

The GHD Company claimed that they have not engaged in any sort of advertising or marketing strategy to run the business. Instead, they only relied on the good quality of their products, recommendations from salons and by recommendations from satisfied users of GHD products.

After a few years in the business, the GHD Company decided that it was time to engage in advertising  to add more income and increase their popularity in the fashion industry by sponsoring events and TV shows in Europe.

In 2003, the company launched its first televised advertising campaign. After a lot of success in advertising, some of the GHD advertisements were restricted by the media authorities, claiming that these commercials are offensive to the Christian community.

Good Hair Day (GHD) Endorsements
As part of their advertising strategy, the GHD Company has sponsored famous female celebrities to endorse their products.

Products of Good Hair Day (GHD)
There are three types of GHD Hair Straightening Iron. The first one is the GHD Styler. This is the average size iron for medium length hair. The other one is the GHD Salon Styler. Since this type of iron is larger, it is suitable for longer or bushy hair. The third type of iron is the GHD Mini Styler. This iron is the smallest of all the iron which is used for shorter hair. The GHD Mini Styler can also be used by men.

As compared to the other traditional irons, GHD irons are made of ‘ceramic’ which reduces the amount of frizz and hair damage caused by the heat in form the straightening process. Since there are some imitation versions of this product, it is recommended to look for serial numbers and check their validity online or by calling their head office.

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