What is Gestalt?

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What is Gestalt?
Gestalt refers to form of psychoanalysis or therapy that evolved around the concept of having the patient develop some form of responsibility in terms of analyzing oneself with regards to his psychological condition. It was developed back in the 1940s by Laura Perls, Fritz Perls, and Paul Goodman. Its basic concept of therapy distinguishes itself from standard Freud-based concepts wherein patients are studied and told of their psychological problems. In Gestalt therapy, patients are deemed somewhat capable of analyzing themselves and knowing what their psychological limitations are. Gestalt also represents the concept of being “whole” wherein any individual activity or experience are said to involve various feelings from the outside and from deep within.

Through Gestalt therapy, patients are able to be more aware of their feelings and so will be able to give a better assessment of their psychological concerns. In instances where persons were forced to suppress some thoughts or feelings because they may not be acceptable to others, it may lead to the discovery that these suppressed emotions are actually affecting the present condition. These suppressed ideas and emotions are labeled as unfinished businesses and are usually left in the background just to be part of supposed normalcy. Through Gestalt therapy, patients will be able to discover his/her true self and will be able to understand the complexities of life. And it is also through this type of therapy that the patient will decide for him/herself whether he/she needs to take action with regards to an unfinished business or suppressed emotion.

Gestalt therapy also helps patients to evaluate themselves as a whole rather than make conclusions on specific parts of their being or personality. Details on their own communication methods like the way they talk, their gestures, and their choice of words can create an overall impression of their personality and will help him/her discover on how limitations and barriers are set for oneself.

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