What is Geodon?

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What is Geodon?

Geodon is a brand of prescription drug that is used for people who are considered as atypical psychotics.  Its generic name is Ziprasidone and got its U.S. FDA approval for the treatment of various conditions including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and some types of mania.  Some doctors also prescribe Geodon for anxiety attacks, depression, ADHD or attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder, stress and mood disorders, and even autism.

In the case of schizophrenia, Geodon is effective not only in suppressing the symptoms, but it also helps in the prevention of relapses. Relapses in symptoms of schizophrenia literally translates to a worsening of the condition, and so many doctors prescribe Geodon for this purpose.  For people with manic depression, Geodon specifically controls symptoms that may include an extremely happy mood at one time and a sudden change in behavior thereafter.  It is also typical of doctors to prescribe Geodon alongside psychotherapy sessions for patients diagnosed to have bipolar disorder.

Geodon is a very potent drug, so treatment must only be commenced after the recommendation of a licensed physician.  Geodon is also contraindicated in persons with dementia-related problems.  Based on studies, Geodon treatment for schizophrenic patients who may be elderly and have dementia have an increased likelihood of dying early from the adverse effects of this particular drug.  The use of Geodon also increases the chances of unborn babies to have some defects and abnormalities by the time they are born.  Other side effects of taking Geodon include: inability to sleep, severe types of pain in the chest area, problems with erections for male patients, akathisia, and orthostatic hypotension among others.  People with Type II diabetes are also not advised to take this drug because it may cause increased sugar levels in the bloodstream which is supposed to be avoided.  For safety reasons, patients should consult with their doctors as soon as any side effect is experienced.

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