What is Generation Y?

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Generation Y refers to demographic covering people that were born around the early 1980s up to the early 2000s. This particular generation or group of people basically followed Generation X or people born in the 70s-80s. Researchers have classified people to different generations in terms of characteristics, skills, and/or behavior. People that are part of Generation Y became teens and adults by around the year 2000 and this is why many people also refer to this generation as Millenials.

The 1980s up to the present time was considered the time of technology. Computers and mobile phones became popular gadgets for the youthful attitude of people under Generation Y. With exposure to the latest in technology, many Generation Y people are labelled as tech-savvy. People under this generation study and work with the help of various technology products like mobile phones and computers. Communication is also made easy through email and text messages. Generation Y members are also known to be team-oriented preferring to work within a group structure rather than individually. Research has also shown that many people under Generation Y have grown to prioritize family time over work. With this kind of attitude, a Generation Y office worker prefers to have pay cuts if he/she can spend more time at home. On the downside, many Generation Y people also become dependent of their parents.

Another common trait of Generation Y people is their assertiveness and need for feedback. People in this generation typically assert their rights and often reveal their thoughts and emotions openly. They also need constant feedback for their activities and actions. Generation Y are also said to be more open to different beliefs and cultures. With their outgoing and outspoken nature, people under this demographic basically approve of various controversial issues like drug or marijuana use for example and same-sex marriages.

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