What is GCF?

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What is GCF?
GCF stands for “Good Clean Fun”. It is another form of internet slang used by mostly web addicts and young people who are having fun coining new words and terms along with advancements in technology. In today’s modern world, many people find new and extraordinary ways to communicate. One such trend is the use of acronyms in chat-rooms and text messages on mobile phones.

But some of these urban lingo or terms become so popular that they get to be used from the internet or mobile phones to actual everyday conversation. An example of this urban lingo that started as internet slang is GCF, which means “good clean fun”. In its literal meaning, it basically refers to having fun in a “good way”. The term implies that fun can be achieved even when doing normal or generic things. This urban term is said to actually mean having fun without the need of sex being involved in the equation. Often times GCF is mixed with other urban lingos to complete a thought or sentence. Like in the example: “I don’t need to get fucked up and I just want to have GCF.’ it simply translates to “no sex can still result to fun”.

Others also use the term to emphasize “good” in GCF as not to be involved in drugs or alcohol. Like in a song entitled “GCF” itself, the lyrics point out that if you take drugs or alcohol away and just have plain sex, then that represents GCF or good clean fun.

And since there is no definite or absolute rule for urban lingo, GCF’s meaning may slightly vary from one person to person. One may use GCF and mean really clean generic fun, while others may use it to specifically exclude a typically bad habit like drinking, drugs, or sex.


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