What is GC Mi?

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GC Mi refers to dental product from GC Corporation. GC Mi is sold in paste form and contains “Recaldent” as its main active ingredient. GC Mi is said to be very effective for people who have very sensitive tooth. By applying GC Mi paste, tooth sensitivity will be relieved. The GC Mi paste is commonly applied prior to dental procedures like prophylaxis and/or teeth whitening. During these procedures, teeth may get a little too sensitive to ignore or even painful. By simply applying GC Mi paste to the teeth before and/or after the procedure, relief is always expected.

The active ingredient in GC Mi paste also contains calcium which helps restore the optimum calcium levels in teeth. Some people for example have obvious white spots in their teeth and this is a common indication that the teeth need more calcium for better health. With regular application of GC Mi paste, the white spots will be reduced by the absorption of calcium form the paste. Instead of having to go through several dental procedures, patients simply need to apply GC Mi paste to even out white spots in their teeth.

Aside from relieving tooth sensitivity, promoting calcium absorption, and lessening the white spots in teeth, GC Mi paste can also be used by people who suffer from dry mouth. The actual paste keeps the oral cavity with the right moisture for optimum dental health. Acidity in the mouth is also prevented when patients use GC Mi and this effect will help people avoid bacteria build-up and possible foul smell. For people who don’t have concerns with sensitivity or dry mouth, GC Mi paste can still be used to serve as protective coating for the teeth. Various food items can basically cause damage to the teeth and GC Mi paste can help protect them from possible early erosion or damage.