What is FYI?

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What is FYI?
FYI is an acronym that stands for “for your information”. The acronym or term “FYI” is commonly used in everyday correspondence particularly in written letters or emails. FYI literally means “for your information” and that the information or given in a particular message is intended to be shared to the reader.

Some people use FYI in letters or emails to give details and specific instructions to another person. Like for example the email from a supervisor to one of his employees. In the email, a supervisor may give a long list of tasks to do and chores to complete to a particular employee. And to give assistance to this particular employee, the supervisor may give out some tips and handy information in accomplishing some tasks. To give emphasis on the tips and instructions, the supervisor may put “FYI” on the email.

FYI may also be used as a form of informing another person, who is not directly involved in a particular transaction, about matters that may have some effect to this specific person. Typical in most offices, subordinates may need to report to their superiors on a regular basis on some matters that relate to the day-to-day work activities. In these cases, the superior is not usually involved in any of the activities or matters concerned, but still needs to be updated with what’s going on in his/her department. And so the employees or subordinates may submit a written report with “FYI” on it to simply inform the boss of the week’s activities and reports.

There are also times that people modify “FYI” to “FYIA” to make it mean “for your information and action”. Using FYIA means the information given is not only given to another person but this other person is also expected to react and do something about it. If ‘FYI’ is added with ‘only’, then it means that the information given is intended only for the receiver.

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