What is FTW?

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FTW is an acronym whose full words are “for the win”. It is mostly used by game lovers whose desire is for their teams to win. It is a fervent emphasis that one puts at the end of a message, comment or post. Thought there are times when the use of FTW is genuine, most of the times it is used as a way of expressing sarcasm. FTW is also used frequently in discussions. In situations where one person makes a good point in an argument, you hear other people quoting him and adding ‘ftw’ as a way of showing they support his point and he ought to triumph in the discussion. Other common phrases are ‘seconded’ and ‘quoted for truth’. FTW is commonly used by people who engage in online discussion boards. It is mostly used by discussants to express enthusiasm as well as cheer or support posts made by other people in the discussion forum.  Though associated with nasty meanings in the past years, today, FTW is a cheer statement or an interesting way to say ‘this item wins’, ‘I support’ or  ‘I second’. An example would be ‘high fiber diet, ftw’.

Foundation of the Contemporary FTW

It is not clear of how the FTW expression started but stories say that the expression began in the year 2000. It is said that FTW started with the Hollywood Square game show. Contestants on the show tried to finish a tic-tac-toe move to win a prize. Once contestants were prepared to make a decision that could lead to a possible win, the show host or contestants would state a celebrity who would respond to a question. The closing move was declared as the chosen move and was followed by ‘for the win’. Though this story is not confirmed, it appears reasonable.

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