What is foster care?

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Foster care is when a child or even an adult is placed in a safe place and care when they are unable to live with their respective families. Foster care is more common for children than adults.

There are different reasons why children are placed under foster care and they include abuse, neglect or family crisis. In some cases, a kid who has been acting out while living with his or her parents also enters foster care. Adults who take care of the child are called foster parents and they have the task of giving affection, stability, nurturing and consistency in their homes for the kids.

Foster care explained

Foster care is not permanent and will not last for decades or forever. A child, who for some reasons cannot live with their families are placed under this type of care until they are united with their families. The Social Services department is in charge of overseeing the conditions of children while under foster care. It also has the task of working on reuniting the kids with their families.

In cases where the child is unable to go back to the care of their parents, and then the Social Services will find other relatives or persons that are deemed important to the kid and check if the child can live with any of them.

If in any case that a child is unable to live with their relatives or other important persons, and then, the Social Services department may ask the foster parents if they wish to adopt the child for good.

Foster care for adults

Adults may be placed in foster care, too. Individuals who are at least 18 years or older and who cannot live by themselves and want to be part of a family may be placed under foster care. These adults are either physically, emotionally, mentally dependent. An elderly adult who is frail may be placed under foster care, for example.

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