What is Foie Gras?

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Foie gras is an exotic food that is made from goose or duck liver which has been made fat through a method of over feeding the said bird. Foie gras is a French term and as such, many people think that the entire concept of force feeding the duck started in France. But force feeding has been in existence for many centuries.

It is a popular belief that foie gras first started in Egypt and was later adapted and brought to Rome. Egyptians also used force feeding for their calves.

More on Foie Gras

Foie Gras comes in different types and most of them can be bought in France. The types of foie gras largely depend on the cooking method and the amount of the goose or duck liver used for the said food. France is very particular on the labeling of the said food.

Foie gras entre is composed of at least one or two entire liver lobes which can either be uncooked or cooked. Foie gras contains bits of goose liver and Bloc de foie gras is made from liver that is in molded blocks that has the pieces of duck.

Many people know how liver is used in pâté and foie gras in most cases served as pâté which is best served with bread and wine.

Foie gras is an exquisite dish, but many are opposed to this food as many believe that fattening the goose or duck by over feeding is considered brutal and cruel. Over feeding can damage the duck’s esophagus which is very painful.

Force feeding is done by using a tube which is around 30 centimeters long and placed in the inside of the neck so that the animal has no way of refusing the food. Force feeding takes around one minute, but many still criticize that the process is nothing short of animal cruelty.

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