What is Fodder?

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Fodder is a type of animal feed made from cultivated crops and pastures. It is commonly used in farms business to feed various animals like goats, horses, cattle, chickens, and pigs. Since its sprouts are tender and young, it can be likened to natural green grass. Because of this, fodder is very appetizing to all types of livestock. Another kind of fodder known as “hydroponic fodder” is more commonly used in feeding sheep and goats. Hydroponic fodder has long been used by farmers since the 1930s.

Fodder also helps sustain nutrition for domesticated livestock, especially in places where the climate is too cold and lesser grassland. Since it is already buffed with protein and essential minerals, farmers would normally purchase them in sacks. These sacks will be stored in the barn for a month-long supply until they can purchase another batch. Fodder is also very helpful in places where climate does not allow rich production of cash crops.

There are two classifications of fodder: temporary and permanent crops. Temporary fodder is made up of provisional crops, which can be harvested just like ordinary farm plants. Some of its examples are green cereals, legumes, pulses, and root crops. Permanent fodder refers to the land or a particular part of a forestland that is used to grow herbaceous forage crops.

Fodder is one of the primary choices of farmers and breeders because they are made from organic sources. For instance, grasses are rich sources of crude protein and fibers. Root crops contain high level of sugar and starch which aid in faster digestion among animals. Legumes contain proteins and other essential minerals that build strong stamina and resistance, especially in animals that are raised in cold regions. Other minerals contained in fodder are cellulose and carbohydrates which are good sources of energy.

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