What is first class mail?

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First class mail is the priority mail of USPS. This mail type is the fastest among all the postal services offered by USPS since delivery takes place within two to three days. The first-class mail can be chosen by those who want to mail items that have a weight of 13 ounces or less.

The first-class mail is most suitable for mailing personal correspondences, light merchandise as well as bills. This type of mail can also be combined with other services.

In cases where the intended recipient has already moved and then the USPS will deliver the item free of charge within a one-year period. If the recipient left no forwarding address, and then USPS will return the mail for free to the sender.

Other types of First Class Mail

For those who will send out at least 500 pieces of mail, and then they can avail of the First Class Presort that offers around 20 percent of savings.

This type of first-class mail also offers the same delivery period, but to avail of the savings the sender must update the NCOA address of the recipients. The sender must also have the CASS certified and placed in a presort order.

Other mail types

The USPS also offers other mail types such as the standard mail which was once referred to as bulk mail.

The standard mail does not guarantee any delivery time since USPS will only process the mails under this mail type on “time available” terms.

In most cases, a local mail can take around three to six days while national mails can take up to one to four weeks for delivery. Delivery can be faster or slower.

Standard mail is considerably cheaper than the first-class mail since it is not being prioritized by the carrier. It is perfect for those who are sending bigger parcels and who are not in a hurry.

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