What is Fake Polo?

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What is Fake Polo?

Fake Polo is a knock-off or imitation item of the original Polo brand from designer Ralph Lauren. This particular brand is one of the most popular brands in RTW or ready-to-wear clothing. The “Polo” or “Ralph Lauren” brand also features other items like accessories and fragrance items. Strictly speaking, when someone speaks of fake Polo, he/she may mean an imitation garment, accessory, or a perfume. The brand name “Polo” also has an image logo represented by a silhouette of a polo player.

Polo or Ralph Lauren is just one of many brands that are imitated and faked. When it comes to garments and ready-to-wear items, some fake Polo’s are too obvious to be perceived as original. Sometimes the embroidery of the logo is too bad that anybody could notice that this particular item is a counterfeit product. But there are also items that really look like the original. These fake items are labeled as “class A” fake products or counterfeits and have basically the same look and feel of the original Polo product. This type of fake products may also have almost the same quality of clothing along with very good logo embroidery.

Fake Polo’s are mostly easy to detect especially when it comes to pricing. Whenever one encounters a Polo garment or accessory that is sold at unusually very low prices, he/she must suspect that the item is an imitation or counterfeit product. Other than the price, one should also meticulously check the quality of logo embroidery and the inside stitching. For garments, the shirt tags also offer good clues if this product is fake or not.

In order for people to get real value from their money, some effort must be done in checking the quality of a particular product in order not get a fake one. The stores or people that sell these products should also be taken into consideration before letting go of hard-earned money. And one must also keep in mind that despite the government’s efforts in stopping the illegal activities of counterfeiters and makers of fake Polos, these products still become widely available and even popular because they are cheaper.

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