What is explorer.exe?

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What is explorer.exe?
Explorer.exe is file that is part of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. When executed or run, it displays a GUI or graphical user interface showing the drives and files on your computer. Most people know this interface by the term “Windows Explorer”. Sometimes it is also called the Windows GUI shell.

The explorer.exe file is typically saved on Drive C at the folder named “Windows”. It basically serves as the browsing window for end users. When the Windows Explorer link is clicked on the Startup Menu, it actually connects to the explorer.exe file for launching. When launched, the Windows Explorer window appears showing all the hard drives and files in your computer. To browse or look for files, users just need to double-click on the hard drives and folders to see which files are saved under them.

Explorer.exe was first introduced on Windows 95 operating systems. This operating system version started the browsing capabilities of the system using the Windows GUI shell or Windows Explorer. This file replaced the older File Manager of Windows 3x. Windows 95 and later versions feature Windows Explorer as a basic component for browsing and managing files.

But explorer.exe has been a target for duplication by malwares and spywares. Many experts warn that if this file is found somewhere else other than its supposed location under C:\Windows or under the System32 folder, then it probably is a malicious file. If this happens, one must remove the file immediately. If left running in the computer, the explorer.exe-virus may allow for remote connection to the users computer. If this happens, passwords, online banking details, and personal data may be misused and stolen. The malicious file could also corrupt some files in the computer’s registry resulting to system crashes and slow-downs.

If multiple instances of the explorer.exe file are running in your computers, expert technicians should be consulted immediately to have this file successfully removed.

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