What is EWF? A Sneak Peek at EWF

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A Sneak Peek at EWF
Are you are talented and creative writer? If so, this is your chance to be heard and grow in your field. Take a look at EWF and for sure, you will not hesitate to take part on this. For this year 2011, EWF will take place on May 26- June 5. EWF basically means Emerging Writers Festival. It is a chance for various writers from across the globe to take part in this very wonderful conference and celebration.

EWF was actually founded by Lisa Dempster, the current director. In her visit to Edinburgh back in 2010, she realized that there must really be an opportunity for writers to meet, exchange ideas, and be heard. Therefore, she eventually came up with EWF. This is also with the help of her sponsors who also believed in the cause that she is fighting for. Now, what will one benefit from EWF and what is it really for?

Basically, EWF will enhance one’s professional quality when it comes to writing. This is the time where writers of different genres and different places across the globe gather together for a week- long event. Again, this is basically a Festival. In short, this is not just about boring talks, useless argumentations, and the like. It is more of a fun way to write and let your voices be heard.

When you take a look at EWF’s site, you will find it easy to navigate. They have all the details needed when you want to take part in this wonderful celebration. Lisa Dempster, being a fan of going to different book festivals and showcases herself, knows how difficult it is to attend given the requirements. Thus, here in the EWF website, she made sure that all the details for interested writers are given. There are even guidelines as to who can attend and how everything can really be possible.

Aside from that, EWF tries to go to countries and conduct mini EWF’s. This also has the same goal with that of the real EWF, which is to build the creative skills of the writers as well as make the festival more popular to them.

Now, since EWF has just started as an organization, it seeks to build more connections and networks. It has also tried to tap as many sponsors as possible in order to conduct more activities and livelier one at that. EWF has also tried to encourage many people (especially the young ones), to bring out their innermost thoughts and pour out their creative juices by trying out writing.

Indeed, EWF has proven that it is not just an exclusive activity for the experts, but is serious in its goal of making writing more popular. It has also tried to be in partner with as many countries as possible to further their advocacy. Again, if you want to take part in this fun- filled annual event called EWF, the best thing to do is to visit their site and see whether it will really be a perfect choice for you or not.

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