What is EUC?

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EUC stands for End-User Computing. This term is used to refer to the act of using computer software and hardware that has been designed and is already available for individual consumers to utilize. EUC has nothing to do with the people who are involved in developing the software or products, but rather has something to do with those who are using them once installed on their system. In short, those who engage in EUC just use the finished product, and are normally not involved in the programming, designing, and installation of the products under consideration.

In the corporate setting, EUC is performed by people who use computers for their everyday tasks at work. Some examples of users who engage in EUC include administrative assistants, managers, data entry clerks, and executives who use laptops or personal computers for performing a variety of tasks. Normally, these users rely on other people within the company for the selection of software applications, handling of the installation of the systems, and management of security protocols. Although people who use their computers at home can install programs on their own, they are usually not involved in the writing of codes and other tasks that are performed by computer professionals.

However, it is important to keep in mind that EUC does not necessarily mean that these people cannot modify the programs that were already developed and installed on their own unit. These users normally have privileges when it comes to the customization of the software application. For instance, a person who utilizes a software program that is intended for making presentations can add customizations to the templates provided by the developer, and import images or other files from another application. Basically, the degree of customization that the user can make varies depending on the way the software is programmed.

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