What is ESRD?

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ESRD is an abbreviation for End Stage Renal Disease. This is a condition characterized by malfunctioning of kidneys that a patient cannot survive without a transplant or dialysis. This kind of kidney disease is impossible to change is often caused by diabetes and hypertension. The condition can be genetic though some drug reactions and injuries can trigger it. In some instances, this condition may also be as a result of chronic kidney ailments. Persons suffering from ESRD usually require kidney transplants or dialysis to live. ESRD manifests in through several symptoms. Most patients experience a reduced amount of urine and find it hard to urinate. Patients may experience a general feeling of being ill and fatigued as well as headaches. Loss of appetite and sudden loss of weight that cannot be explained are common symptoms of the ESRD condition. Patients may also experience nausea, bone pain, confusion and find it difficult to concentrate. Other symptoms are vomiting, excessive thirst, itchy and dry skin, and changes of skin color.

Preventing and Treating ESRD

Persons who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure are at high risk of contracting the ESRD condition. Management of these diseases is an important step towards preventing ESRD. Other practical ways of preventing ESRD include eating low fat and low salt diets, exercising regularly, regular medical checkups, and staying away from tobacco and alcohol. Persons who are at high risk of contracting ESRD should subject themselves to regular tests such as urine test, eGFR blood test and blood pressure checks to know the status of their kidneys. The most effective way to treat ESRD is through kidney transplant or dialysis. This helps restart kidney jobs which include controlling chemicals and blood pressure, keeping the bones healthy and making red blood cells. Kidneys that are not functioning well cannot perform these tasks. Discuss with a doctor about ways of preventing diseases like high blood pressure, anemia and bone disease. Taking diets that are kidney friendly can go a long way in preventing ESRD.

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