What is Eschatology?

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Eschatology is a term derived from the Greek language that implies end, final, last and study of. In theoretical terms, eschatology means studying the final things. It is concerned with both personal issues like death as well as general issues. The later includes ideas such as resurrection, return of Christ, tribulation, judgment, millennial kingdom and eternity. The Biblical focus of eschatology provides a corporate and personal focus. On the personal focus, eschatology shows that every person will experience a physical death and an intermediate state. However, there are exceptions to this as reflected in the Biblical record of Enoch in the past and Christians who are found alive in the future at the return of the Lord. In essence, each person will pass through physical death and a temporary cognizant existence before the resurrection of body.

Importance of Eschatology

In the Christian faith, eschatology is important because prophecy comprises a huge amount of Biblical content. According to research, 27% of Biblical content is in the form of prophecy. Eschatology also provides evidence of God’s divine power. For instance, where the Bible talks of one born of a virgin, named Emmanuel which means ‘God with us’. This prophecy comes to pass later, after more than 600 years affirming God’s ability to disclose the supernatural. Prophecy encourages Christians to lead holy lives in the knowledge that most prophecies in the Bible concerning the future of the believer with the Lord are yet to be fulfilled. Eschatology addresses various specific issues. These include the rapture, which implies being caught up. Rapture is when Christians are taken up and could happen any time. It also discussed the tribulation period, which is a 7 year period of judgment and suffering when a worldwide leader called Antichrist will control finance and commerce. This is followed by Jesus Christ’s Second Coming to usher in the Millennial Kingdom.

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