What is epub?

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EPUB is short for “electronic publication” and it refers to a standard format for digital or electronic books. This particular format is a free standard as classified by IDPF or the International Digital Publishing Forum. Many electronic books that are being published at present times are saved using the EPUB format because it is considered standard and most of all the format is offered for free. Being an open-source program or e-book format, many published books for the digital environment bear the .epub file extension.

Aside from being an open-source e-book format, EPUB is also preferred by many people because of its efficient design in terms of display across a variety of devices. The content of EPUB files are said to be “reflowable” and this simply means that text details of a given EPUB file can be viewed with optimization options available on any display gadget or device. When reading an e-book or EPUB file for example, viewing the contents can be customized and optimized for clarity and easy reading depending on the display device. One person may prefer reading the EPUB file on a desktop computer while others prefer using computer tablets but the contents can still be viewed at desired clarity with the optimization features that come along with them.

For people that read e-books, they simply need a basic EPUB reader to open a file saved in this format. To check if one’s computer can open or handle EPUB files, the easiest thing to do is to double-click the file with .epub extension and allow the computer to search for the appropriate program to process it. Otherwise, one may need to download a standard EPUB reader or software to enjoy e-books saved in this format. There is also the option to convert EPUB files into a different format like PDF or Word documents.

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