What is EOS?

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EOS is a term that can commonly be found in various DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras of Canon. The term was first used back in the late 1980s for some of its camera models. Many people got familiar with EOS though starting at around year 2005 when all Canon DSLR cameras have the EOS label. Entry-level cameras are branded as Canon EOS 100D or Canon EOS 300X while midrange and high-end varieties also have EOS labels like EOS 33V, EOS 40D, and EOS 5 among many others. The term “EOS” is said to be a reference to “Eos” the Greek goddess of the dawn. In terms of branding for Canon cameras, the autofocus feature was also emphasized. Auto-focus refers to the automatic function of the camera in terms of lens function. With auto-focus being highlighted in recent Canon camera models, EOS referring to the goddess of dawn was considered as an appropriate label. The introduction of the auto-focus feature was considered its “dawning” on the Canon brand of DSLR cameras.

Aside from its Greek goddess reference, EOS is also referred to as the acronym for “Electro-Optical System”, which obviously refers to the technology behind Canon EOS DSLR cameras. The auto-focus function itself is one major component of Canon’s Electro-Optical system. Previous camera models relied on manually focusing on subjects to get the most vivid and clear pictures. With the auto-focus feature, communication between the lens and the camera is automated making things a lot easier for the person taking the picture. With just a click of a button, auto-focus can be activated and produce clear pictures. Aside from the standard auto-focus, other electrical and advanced components are also part of the EOS package of Canon. Users of Canon EOS cameras can even have the option to have multiple auto-focus points to create dramatic effects in taking pictures. The flash system is also enhanced for Canon EOS cameras to live up to their hype as one of the world’s best in producing stunning pictures.

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