What is Egress?

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The term Egress is an alternative word for exit. It is generally used to build a code that refers to the way a person can leave a building. For instance, a fire exit may be defined as a means or a way of egress since this reflects how a person can leave the building in an emergency situation. Many townships and states usually have a building code that obligates egression avenues on every floor. At times, this includes the completed basement. Emergency exits at the basement usually take egress windows form. Egress windows are large and can open up allowing people in a basement to get out with ease and enable firefighters find their way into the building. Since most fires start at the basement, the laws in most states across the country obligate home owners to use egress windows in all bedrooms within completed basements. Persons who fail to install egress windrows to the stipulated standards can face severe penalties and fines.

Benefits of Installing Egress Windows in Homes

Installation of egress windows is pretty straightforward with no complications. It is also a great investment because their installation in completed basements enables homeowners to use the basement to meet some of their space needs. Installation of egress windows also increases the value of a home allowing the owner to recoup up to twenty or thirty times the amount invested upon selling the home. In terms of health and good air circulation, egress windows are good at enhancing air circulation in homes as well as allowing enough natural light into the house. This makes the home stuffy free and adds to the peace of mind. Though the egress code in most parts of the country sets the minimum standards that enable those who adhere to them to pass inspection, most advocates advice homeowners to consider taking measures that exceed the set standards for enhanced safety.

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